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Start an Independence Boom!


Indeboom will help facilitate with any transitions that are necessary to maintain independence at home. From an occupational therapy perspective, we address current and future physical and cognitive needs to achieve true independence and safety at home.  


We will assist in making a new or current home a safe and independent living environment customized to your current and future needs.

Case Managers

We will provide your patient or client with a home safety evaluation that includes recommendations to meet their cognitive and physical needs prior to discharge to their home living situation.


We will partner with you to assist your clients that have medical complications or want to be proactive in preparing for the future to age-in-place. Knowing that you have a qualified healthcare professional as part of your team will allow you to market your company to a wider range of customers.


​IndeBoom involves clients in a comprehensive two to three-step process that begins with an occupational therapy-based home needs assessment and ends with home modification recommendations allowing you to maintain independence at home. 

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